The Third Feng Shui NAQ: Questions Never Asked

carole-hyder-residential-consultations-optimized-250x250In this exploration of the three top “Never Asked Feng Shui Questions,” I have talked about the importance of a client asking their Feng Shui consultant “Do you want to see me before…?” This addressed the issue of cleaning up and getting things in order prior to a Feng Shui consultant’s visit and how, in doing so, your story is skewed.  Leave things the way you normally have them; let them see how you truly live so they can truly help.

The second NAQ was “Am I doing too much?”Chances are if you have to ask, you are.  Use the motto of less is more as your driving force.

The third Feng Shui NAQ has to do with the structure of your work with a Feng Shui consultant.  The question is simply:  When will you return? Surprisingly, it’s hardly ever asked by a client and should be. 

Perhaps there’s a perception that once you’ve been “Feng Shui’d” that’s all there is.  Some people feel they need time to integrate and implement.  Some people don’t want to pay the money for another visit.  You’re trying to create your best life-what kind of price tag can you put on that?

Here are some great reasons for keeping your Feng Shui consultant in your life for a while…

Most importantly, your consultant can support and guide you further as you move through the steps.  They won’t care if you haven’t completed your Feng Shui checklist completely; they can keep you inspired and focused wherever you are in the completion of things.

Just as you often have a follow-up session with a doctor, naturopath or chiropractor, you will benefit enormously from a follow-up appointment or two from your Feng Shui consultant.  Even if your consultant doesn’t bring up the option of returning, you can ask about it, plan for it, and expect it.  Feng Shui is a life-changing experience—don’t try to do it on your own.  Questions are bound to come up and your consultant’s help will be invaluable if you run up against obstacles.

Furthermore, your consultant can’t possibly give you all the information you need in one session.  Believe me, you’ll be overwhelmed and paralyzed if she/he fire-hoses you with too much data in one appointment, which will then, of course, leave you wondering what to do first, ending up with doing nothing.  As a culture, we tend to say “bring it on” or “more is better,” when, in fact, the opposite is best. (I addressed this issue in the second Feng Shui NAQ: Am I doing too much?)  Find a consultant you’d love to collaborate with on your Feng Shui journey and plan emotionally, financially, and time-wise to invest in yourself and your space.  This is all about the law of correspondence—if your space mirrors your ideal life, your life will follow suit.