Helping you change your healthcare or senior living facility from bland to brilliant, from routine to remarkable.

Using a blend of Eastern and Western approaches, you can provide your residents, patients, visitors, and staff with a unique and personal experience which will help them thrive, be productive and heal.

An integrative healthcare facility is one that:

  • Stands for your values
  • Represents your mission statement
  • Sets your facility apart from others as leading edge
  • Creates a healing environment
  • Assures greater patient satisfaction and employee retention

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About Carole

Carole Hyder has been a Feng Shui expert since 1992, reaching international success as a consultant, speaker, teacher, author and trainer.



Carole works with healthcare facilities over the course of new-build and remodeling projects, or simply to find solutions for challenging spaces.



Carole’s expertise in seeing the big picture, offering suggestions based on budgetary constraints and her years of experience make her a valuable asset.