A Healing Imperative: Integrative Space™ from the Mundane to the Sublime

What does it take to create a built environment that is special and unforgettable? A space that recognizes where you are yet supporting a transition to a better place. We all know when we’re in such a space: our thoughts start to change which impacts our feelings which, in turn, impacts our behavior. What does it take to make that happen?

Elevating a functional and attractive space into something that inspires and uplifts, something that emits a loftier message, requires a deliberate intent. There’s an overlay of a deeper meaning which we may not even be able to name or grasp. We simply feel it. This action
transforms a space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Here are some examples of how several medical environments with whom I was involved took action to create a sublime experience for patients:

  • Clear crystals were scattered under the foundation of a clinic prior to the floor being poured with the intention of providing clarity for staff and healing for patients;
  • A traditional Chinese medicine pouch was placed inside a prominent pillar in a hospital to underscore healing for all who came there;
  • A specific number and dollar amount of coins were placed in the 4 corners of a small clinic to support not only financial success but abundance for patients as well as staff;
  • A large quartz crystal was placed in the exact center of a clinic lobby to support and protect all who came there.

These examples depict an intention represented by a physical item that would no doubt never be seen again. That fact did not diminish its effectiveness and, in fact, amplified it. Most people—-staff, patients or visitors—do not know about these specific actions. Yet, they DO know there’s something different about the space because they can feel it.

A true Integrative Space overlays an unseen aspect to what can be seen—-this is where healing begins.