Sleeping Around: Feng Shui Bed Consideration

Over the years, I’ve gotten questions from people about round beds, wondering if they’re “good” Feng Shui or “bad” Feng Shui.  The few people that I’ve consulted with who actually sleep in a round bed love, love, love their beds.  They’re sleeping well and the love the look.  There is reason, however, to look suspiciously at a round bed and wonder at its effectiveness.  After all, we’ve slept in rectangular beds since the beginning of time—-the rooms may be round (i.e. tepees, igloos, caves) but the actual resting place was usually a square-ish area.  Could this be causing a paradigm shift that, on some level, might be disturbing?  If they’re so great, how come everyone doesn’t have a round bed?  Picture of round red bed with above copy.

In Feng Shui, there are some specific features required to make a bed acceptable.  The bedding and the pillows should be complimentary colors to those who sleep in there.  Old sheets should be recycled for newer, crisp ones; nothing should be stored under the bed; using a second-hand bed (bed-frame or mattress) should be avoided unless its origins are positive.  All of these factors are based on personal and aesthetic taste and could change from one owner to the next, regardless of whether the bed is round or not.

But there are 3 structural details that will qualify a bed to be Feng Shui acceptable or not. . . .

1.  It must be up off the floor to allow circulation and flow of energy.
2.  It must have a solid headboard for support.
3. The mattress should be in one piece representing unity between partners or between parts of oneself.

In light of this, a round bed fits all the parameters listed above, so it really comes down to personal preference.  However, a round bed won’t work if one of the partners absolutely hates the idea.  A round bed also won’t work if the room is simply too small to accommodate one.  If, after a few weeks, getting a good night’s sleep is still an issue or becomes an issue when it wasn’t before for one or both of the partners, then a round bed isn’t the answer.

For those trying to decide about a round bed or not, sometimes putting a large round rug under the existing rectangular bed adds the element they’re looking for—-a bit of drama and a change in pattern, yet without having to deal with getting a new bed.  That said, most people still prefer the traditional, predictable rectangular bed.  Some patterns run deep and just don’t want to be messed with. Would love to hear from those of you who have a round bed and how you like it.