Plant Your Intentions with Feng Shui: A Way to Reach for Your Goals

For some reason the questions that came in this week revolved around plants —what kind to use and where to use them.  Rest assured they can be an effective way to incorporate Feng Shui intentions.  If you want some part of your life to expand and blossom, bring in a plant—it represents your reach for higher goals.

Certain plants work in certain ways and places.  By knowing how to use them, you can maximize their benefits.

  1. Plants by the front door (either inside or out) should have soft, round leaves, in order to welcome in opportunities.  A plant with sharp, pointed ones or with thorns is aggressive and should not be the first thing seen when approaching or going through the front entry.  Watch out for those rose bushes right outside the door.
  2. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or have a tendency for depression, don’t hang plants that droop or vine downward.  Instead you should replace them with a plant that lifts the spirits by growing upward.
  3. Don’t overdo the amount of plants you have inside your home.  They can negate the effect you’re trying to achieve.  In Feng Shui, we believe less is more.
  4. Dried plants or flowers should not be used as they are considered dead.  Unless they have special meaning, replace them with a live one.
  5. Silk plants can work if you aren’t confident you can keep a plant alive.  Keep them free from dust and spider webs and make sure they are life-like.

You want your plants to look and be healthy and vital to provide you a strong and continuous message of inspiration.  A plant can represent upward growth and expansion. Make sure you use one that can represent your intention of reaching for the sky.