Do You Believe? A Feng Shui Intention Will Make a Believer in You

5242623_sOne of the reasons affirmations don’t often work is that an important component may be missing and that component is engaging your body while reciting the phrase.  It’s easy for many of us to intellectualize and live in the analytical world.  Sometimes it’s safer there but it’s not where results come from or from where outcomes emerge.  These come from your body.

Intentions are critical to Feng Shui success. They are integral to the process of implementing adjustments and making changes in the environment.  And they must come from the heart.  Here are some points to consider when making an intention for your work—-or for your life.

  1. You must believe that your intention is achievable.  If you can’t quite believe it, it probably won’t happen.
  2. It must be true for you so that you can actually feel the truth of it in your body.  You may even visualize the intention playing out in your life.
  3. Your intention must have a stretch component.  It takes you beyond where you are yet is within the realm of possibility.  If you meet resistance, this may be your ego getting in the way.
  4. Believe that you are worthy and deserve this outcome.  Trust that you can step into the proverbial shoes of this intention.
  5. Forget about how exactly this is going to happen.  Your job is only to keep feeling your intention in your body.

Crafting an intention takes time and thought and it must be unique to you.  You may have an intention for your work and a different intention for your personal life.  Each day can bring a new intention for yourself.  Once you’ve constructed one you will see that they all build on one another.  Just as with a particular style of clothes, you will find yourself gravitating toward similar intentions that all go together but get accessorized a bit differently with different circumstances.