Your Bedroom

A bedroom should be a sanctuary that holds you and makes you feel safe. If you don’t walk into your bedroom and feel grateful and blessed, some changes need to be incorporated.  

  • Paint the walls a beautiful color that is restful, soothing, and comforting.
  • Keep your artwork simple and serene. 
  • If you have a bedroom fan, make sure it doesn’t hang low over the bed.

1.  The color of your bedroom walls can make the difference between sleeping well and not sleeping at all.  This is the room that directly nurtures and supports you and feeds your spirit.  There are many ways it can do this, but color is the most obvious.  Don’t use the color left over from the previous occupants of the room (unless you positively love it and would have chosen it for yourself anyway).  Take the time to incorporate an ambiance that you love.

2. With a dramatic or inspirational color on the walls, you may find you don’t need any artwork.  If, however, you have hung some artwork, make sure it is pleasing to both you (and a partner if you’re sharing the space).  If only one of you loves the piece, then remove it and bring in something else.  The artwork should continue the theme of being peaceful and inspirational.  This typically means painting or photos from nature which are healing and soothing.

3.  Some Feng Shui experts say fans do not belong in bedrooms at all.  I have found that many people enjoy the air circulation which the fan provides.  If you are not using the fan, then by all means remove it.  Otherwise, make sure the fan doesn’t loom heavy over the bed.  One way to make the fan seem less oppressive is to paint the paddles white or to replace it with a smaller version that is the same color as the ceiling.