Why Cats Hate Clutter: Feng Shui for your Feline

You may think that those of us from the feline world don’t pay attention to clutter, that it doesn’t really matter to us, that we’re oblivious to whether stuff is strewn around or not. After all, we throw our toys all over and seem to find enjoyment in discovering them in various places. Some feline-owners think we may actually enjoy clutter—-like it’s a big playground for us to climb around on, like we enjoy leaping over your precarious piles and slipping on misplaced papers. We don’t. It may seem we might be intrigued by the hiding places your stuff could provide us, but truthfully, we can never rest easy when we’re always on avalanche alert.

Here are specific reasons why clutter is so disliked by felines:

  1. There is always an underlying meaning behind clutter. It may mean we’re moving (we hate that). It could mean there’s a remodeling project about to happen (hate that, too). It could mean someone else is moving in. Whatever the reason for clutter, something’s up and that makes us uneasy and restless.
  2. Having clutter around changes how we walk through the space. We can’t move as we would normally move which irritates us. We are constantly dealing with obstacles and road-blocks.
  3. Clutter usually means there’s dirt. I don’t of anyone who cleans their clutter. What this means for us is that we have to bathe more often. If we had nothing to do, that might not be a problem, but we’re busy here.
  4.  When there’s clutter, people generally turn their attention toward that. Everyone knows, the focus should be on resident felines so this goes against the laws of nature. Because this is a universal law, it is our duty and obligation to uphold it. Therefore, we do whatever we can to reverse the transgression—–non-stop meowing, walking one step in front of you, demanding something from you and then changing our minds after you give it to us. This is all very tiring for us. If you got rid of that clutter, none of this silliness would have to happen.

We are sensitive, delicate creatures who are very aware of what’s going on around us. Unlike dogs who couldn’t care less about stuff, who are clueless when it comes to appreciating order and beauty, and whose aesthetic sense is about as big as their brains—-in other words, pretty much non-existent, we felines are tuned in to space not spaced out to space. By keeping your space clutter-free, your felines are happy. When your felines are happy, you are happy. And when you are happy, life is good. Do yourself and your cat a favor—-go de-clutter something.