Who’s Knocking at the Door?

In Feng Shui the front door is one of the most important aspects to the house.  It symbolically represents the entry through which good luck will enter the home.  If the door is not used or is “invisible” because it’s on the side or is the same color as the rest of the house, opportunities may be limited.  A flag or a banner by the door will draw attention but typically I encourage the homeowners to paint the door a color that will do this because it is a more long-lasting change.

The front door should be a strong color that the homeowners love. It should be flattering to their own coloring so that when they stand by their door, they will look healthy and feel uplifted.  In order to maximize the pivotal role of the front entry, the color should be different from any other color on the house—it should blend but is not the same as the house color, the trim color, and the color of the shingles.

From the Chinese cultural perspective, red is the preferred choice because it is an active color symbolizing a good flow of energy.  There is a wide spectrum of red options, so it’s usually possible to choose one that the homeowners would like.  Nevertheless, if red isn’t a color that evokes positive feelings, then they should find one more suitable to their tastes.

The color on the outside of the front door does not have to match the color on the inside of the door, especially if the chosen color wouldn’t blend very well with what’s happening in the entryway.  The color should be restricted to the door itself and not extend to the door jamb or any other adjacent molding.  If there’s a screen door as part of the door system, it is the owner’s option as to whether to paint that as well.  If this second door in any way interferes with visibility to the main door, then it should definitely be painted the same color as the main door.  Some clients paint both the screen door and the main door to maximize the color effect.

It is not a good idea to paint the back door or any side doors same color as the front one.  Taking this action would set up a conflict with regard to the importance of the front door, creating an energetic confusion about where good luck should really land.  If you want opportunity to come knocking at your door, make sure your front door is obvious, colorful, and inviting.