What’s Hanging on YOUR Bedroom Wall?

1The bedroom is the most influential room in the house in Feng Shui terms. It can impact your health, your energy level, your outlook on life. So it’s critcally important to surround yourself with items that support you in a positive way.  What you hang on your bedroom walls emits a message whether you know it or not.

31. The bedrom should be a room of relaxation and rest. Having action pictures on the wall or items of aggression sets up a potential problem.

52.  You don’t want to have pictures of people or children you know in the bedroom.  This room should be off-limits to people other than those who sleep in the room.

63.  Pictures of single people can emphasize a single status, which could be sending the wrong message if that’s not how you want your life to play out, especially, if the images are not very uplifting.

4.  The bedroom should be filled with restful images to create a restful life.

12 5.  Likewise, having images of pairs of things or pictures of non-identifiable people who are in love can help your partnership dreams come true.