TV to Blog: Weight Management

Every month I appear on the NBC affiliate television station here in Minneapolis (KARE-11) on a program called Showcase Minnesota. I have 4-5 minutes to talk about some aspect of Feng Shui. On Tuesday, March 17th, I will be speaking about Weight Management and Feng Shui. For those who can’t watch the program, attached below are five steps to losing weight using Feng Shui principles in your home.

A full-length mirror: Having a full-length mirror somewhere in the home is essential if you want to lose weight. It not only provides you a true reflection from head to toe but also provides a base line from which to monitor changes.
A bowl of fruit: Place a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter to represent healthy eating and vitality. It could be a distraction from the bag of chips sitting close by. If a bowl of fruit doesn’t appeal to you, a painting of a bowl of fruit strategically placed in the kitchen could provide the same message.
Eat at a table: Never eat unless it’s at a table. Someone who struggles with weight will often admit they sit in front of the television while eating dinner or they eat in their bedroom. Eating at a table or counter that is specific for enjoying a meal shows respect and honor for the process of self-nurturance.
Kitchen near entry: If the first room you see when entering your home is the kitchen, this can trigger the urge to eat, even when you’re not particularly hungry. Find another way to enter, if possible, or find a way to minimize the impact of the kitchen. Hang dramatic artwork near the entry so that your eye goes there, or place fresh flowers close by the door, or walk across a cool and dynamic rug to get your mind off the possibility of snacking.
De-clutter: True to the principle that your space reflects your life, put your home on a diet. Get rid of the excess weight you may find lying around by getting rid of things you no longer need or want.
Doing Feng Shui for weight management should be considered a support for other efforts you may be taking to lose weight. Unfortunately, it doesn’t excuse you from exercising and eating right.