Staying Healthy Using Feng Shui Principles

Kitchen 2With so much concern about the flu these days, more and more people are staying home and eating at home in an effort to avoid being infected.  In answer to a question about whether Feng Shui can help, I offer the following five preventative suggestions.

1)  Get rid of clutter int he bedroom. Clutter can be distracting and it can be a carrier for dust and mold. Furthermore, it can prevent you from sleeping well.  When sleep-deprived, your immune system is compromised and is much more susceptible to getting sick.

2) Remove all mirrors from the bedroom to create a safe and contained space.  Mirrors activate an areas, so like clutter, they can disturb your sleep.  The bedroom should feel protective and quiet.  Even removing mirrors temporarily will help during this critical phase.

3) Make sure the kitchen counters have a healthy and inviting look.  Again, remove clutter or anything you don’t use.  Replace with bowls of fruit or live, healthy flowers.  The kitchen should nurture the soul, so avoid making the kitchen feel austere and sterile.

4) Eat at a table to maximize your health benefits.  Avoid eating in front of the television, in bed, or at the desk.  You always want to keep track of how much you’re eating as well as the quality of food.  This is how you’ll help yourself stay healthy and strong.

5) Because this is a time when people are staying inside their homes, it is also approriate to find a moment each day to stay inside yourself.  Whether listening to music, writing in a journal, meditating or praying, this quiet time can be a de-stressor as well as a time to set priorities in terms of staying healthy.

Eat at table