Silence in Your Space: How Feng Shui Can Lower the Decibels

We all yearn for moments, even days or weeks, when we are less bombarded with external pressures and influences. Along with this slower pace, it’s typically quieter as well. We find simpler ways of doing things because we’ve extracted ourselves from the complications that everyday life brings.

By nature, cabins are usually less equipped with all the amenities that we’ve become used to—televisions, wi-fi, running water, electricity, freeways, microwaves, etc. Instead our focus is more on what’s important—friends, family, nature and silence. Quiet moments seem less awkward in this environment. In fact, it seems appropriate.

How can we create this same experience at home so that from time-to-time we can find our way back to a space that reminds us about being quiet and still? 

Here are three ways to create silence in your space to do just that:

  1. Clutter is “noise.” Reduce the clutter in your bedroom to begin your path toward a more silent home.
  2. Create a silence spot. Find a place in your home where you can retreat.  If not a whole room, this might be a corner or part of a room where you can find yourself. A rocker or comfy chair could provide the much-needed embrace of quiet you need—-even floor pillows would work. Or create an altar where you can place 2-3 special items that reflect to you the importance of quiet.
  3. Don’t fill up every corner. Let your space have quiet pockets where there isn’t a piece of furniture, a plant, mementos, photos, knick-knacks. Even music has rests where there’s no sound—do that for your home.

As your home reflects to you the beauty and power of silence, you will find that it will become easier for you to adopt the concept as well. Remember the old saying that silence is golden—it’s treasure that will pay off over and over again.