Show Your True Colors: Feng Shui Hits the Wall

A common question I get asked is “What color should I paint my room?”  Wanting to be Feng Shui-correct, people are looking for ways to enhance their space without spending a lot of money.  Their assumption is that the color based on an area of the bagua (black for Career, white for Creativity, purple for Wealth, etc.) or direction (red for south, pink for southwest, etc.) or specific room (white in the kitchen, skin-tones in the bedroom, red on the front door) will assure them of success in the specific area they want changed.  It certainly could support their efforts and is always worth considering first; however, sometimes the color is simply not acceptable for the client for whatever reason.  Then what?

Color is subjective, personal, and emotional.  What one person loves the next one hates.  This is particularly a problem when I’m dealing with a couple, where one person absolutely loves the idea of a red front door and the other thinks it’s gaudy and cheap.  One person loves a romantic rose-toned bedroom and the other is disgusted by the idea.  Trying to paint an area with one of the suggested Feng Shui colors is NOT going to work.

If all color options based on Feng Shui have been ruled out, for whatever reason, here is one question to ask to help you move forward with your painting project.

When it seems like none of the Feng Shui-suggested colors are going to work, then the next question to ask is:  “What is my favorite color?”  Each person involved in the project answers the question.  Both partners in the bedroom must agree on one favorite color; children must state their favorite color;  all family members must agree on one color for the front door; the person in a home office must determine his/her favorite color.  Although the favorite color may not align with the bagua or directions or room purpose, it is doing something more—it is aligning with the owner.

It is more important to love the color than it is that the color be tied to a Feng Shui area.  A token accent with that specific color can fulfill the requirement if you feel it’s necessary.  The goal is for you to walk in the room, approach the front door, work in your office and have your breath taken away each time you come in.  Then you are truly aligned with your space—your true colors are shining through.