What is the outcome of applying Integrative Space™ principles?

An Integrative Space is one that is in resonance with life. It is meaningful on all levels—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If done with intention, a space will provide cues which can lead to positive experiences, feelings, and thoughts—– which all lead to healing.

As an Integrative Space specialist, I intersect the ancient principles of Feng Shui with modern neuroscience studies—-one speaks to the physical environment, the other to its energetics. And I apply these principles to healthcare facilities.

And what is the outcome of this?

You can expect patients and visitors to describe the clinic or hospital as “feeling good,” “feeling welcome” and “NOT feeling like a clinic (or hospital).” Evidence-based studies have proven that positive feelings lower blood pressure, alleviate anxiety, and offer hope and security. So healing can begin at the front door.

Additionally, you can expect:

     Patient satisfaction – Along with the prescribed medical treatment, additional measures are being taken to help patients heal faster through inspiring, thoughtful, and engaging patient rooms, exam rooms, and waiting rooms;

     Employee retention – Specific steps are made to provide a space that is efficient, tranquil and supportive to staff members, who then will have a positive attitude, be more proficient and strive to do their best;

     Unspoken coherence – Every decision regarding the healthcare facility will be measured against the mission statement and the facility’s specific focus to assure a consistent message—-one which a patient may not cognitively understand but will feel its presence, providing a sense of continuity between the environment and their treatment;

     Determining a focal point – An area is either designated or evolves as the hub of the facility where people can experience a feeling of wholeness. This may be near the front entry, a waiting room, a quiet room, or a garden, which underscores the importance of internal healing as well as external healing;

     Connection to nature– Applying the 5 Chinese Element system assures that a facility will be aligned and balanced with the principles of nature (biophilic design), the ultimate healer.

In the end, when people are happy with their jobs, when patients are over-joyed with their care and when visitors feel comfortable and “at home,” there’s less job turnover, fewer unintended mistakes by staff, and patients who are delighted with their time spent in the facility—all who, in turn, will be ambassadors for the outstanding experience you have given them.