Moving Specifics: What to Do With Your Feng Shui Adjustments

Four of my recent Living on Purpose clients have moved while we were working together.  In fact, in a couple cases, the upcoming move was why they hired me—-to help them release one space and select and/or move to another one.  In the midst of our time together, we inevitably had the conversation about what to do with the Feng Shui adjustments that had been put in place in the original home.  They had been installed or placed with mindful intention and now didn’t know what to do with them.  Do they leave them behind for the next owners?  What if those owners don’t know about Feng Shui?  Do they take the items with them but what if they don’t need them in the new place?  Or can they use them in the same way as they did in their old home?

If you’re moving or know someone who is planning a move, here are some considerations about those special Feng Shui items that have been carefully positioned to enhance your life. . . . .

1.  When the time is appropriate, take the items you used for your Feng Shui intention and carefully pack or wrap them.  Put them all in a bag or box and hand-carry the items to your next home, if possible.  Throwing them helter-skelter into boxes and drawers for movers to toss around does not show them the respect they deserve.

2.  If you can re-use one of the adjustments in your new place with the same intention then do so.  For example, if you have a purple candle in the Wealth area of the bedroom in your old home, you can place it in the Wealth area of your bedroom in the new place.  It is essentially doing the same thing it was programmed to do.

3.  If you no longer need an adjustment in your new place, you can give the adjustment to someone else who appreciates Feng Shui principles.

Sometimes adjustments are placed where they can no longer be retrieved, such as between sheetrock during a remodel or in the basement foundation while the space was being built.  Those adjustments will become neutral once you’ve left the space; they will not harm the new owners but they will not work on their behalf either.

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