Managing Weight Feng Shui-Style: Using Your Home to Reflect a Healthy Lifestyle

Because a space can support and encourage change in the occupant’s life, it will follow that it can help you manage your weight and shed some pounds. This doesn’t mean you don’t watch what you eat or that you don’t have to exercise—-it means that in addition to counting calories, eating healthy and doing some amount of exercise every day, you should engage the help of your space so that you can reach your goals.

Here are some Feng Shui pointers for weight management. . . .

1. Full-Length Mirror – Have a full-length mirror somewhere in your home that will provide you a full and accurate reflection of who you are. The mirror can be behind a closet door, at the end of a hall, in the bathroom—-wherever it is convenient for you to stop from time-to-time to assess your image. It will also give you a chance to monitor the positive changes.

2. Healthy Reminders – Rather than being triggered by a bag of potato chips or a candy bar, place a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter. If you’re concerned about the fruit going bad or attracting fruit-flies, then arrange a bowl of artificial fruit some place where your eye will land on it. If kitchen counter space is at a premium, hang a photo or painting of a bowl of fruit.

3. Eat at the Table – Never eat unless you’re seated at the dining room or kitchen table. This does two things: you tend to not over-eat or eat unconsciously if you’re seated in front of your computer or the TV. Plus by eating at a table you are respecting and honoring the process of eating. You can better “watch” your weight as you watch what you eat.

4. De-Clutter – Put your house on a diet and get rid of items you don’t need or want. This is the time to get into those back corners and release what is keeping the pounds on.

Remember that the scientific basis behind Feng Shui is that when something physical is changed, something mental and/or emotional changes as well. When you move through your space differently or you see things in your home in a different way, brain synapses are re-wired causing a corresponding change in yourself. Get your house to reflect a healthy, vibrant, and active individual and soon you will become that individual.