Job Security: Feng Shui Help—-or Not?

This week a past client contacted me verifying some suggestions I made to her in order to improve her work situation.  Despite the Feng Shui adjustments she had made, she lost her job anyway and was understandably upset.  Of course, she was wondering if she had done somethign wrong, so we went through my suggestions and she outlined how she had carried them out.  She did each one correctly and with a lot of intention—-yet still lost her job.

This seems to be an issue that a lot of people are dealing with.  One of my students is getting desperate because her husband lost his job a few months ago and can’t secure another one, despite her Feng Shui adjustments at home.  Another student described a similar situation in one of her practice appointments:  she advised a friend on how she could maintain her job using Feng Shui.  The next week—the friend was down-sized.  How indeed do we explain this?  I’m reminded of one of my first appointments back in 1992.

Doris was a few years away from retirement.  She hated her job but felt she didn’t dare quit for she was sure no one would hire her due to her age (this was before it was illegal to ask about age during an interview).  I gave her some specific Feng Shui ideas for improving her entryway where her Career area was located in an attempt to improve the remainder of her time at this deplorable place.  She got right on it.  In the midst of the project, she lost her job.  The business was down-sizing and, regrettably, they had to release her.  Doris very clearly let me know that Feng Shui had ruined her life and, if I was smart at all, I’d burn all my Feng Shui books, notes, and ideas, and never talk about it again.

For the next few weeks I’m not sure who agonized more—-Doris or me.  Then one day she called.  It seems a few years prior, she had inquired about working at another company.  It was a start-up business but she believed in their product and was desperate even back then to leave her current position.  However, they didn’t have the budget to meet her salary requirements, so she stayed at the job she hated.  After she was fired, Doris made some phone calls, one of which was to this company.  In the last few years, they had grown and expanded and were delighted that she was available.  Furthermore, they had the budget to fulfill her salary needs.  Within ten days of being fired, Doris was back to work.  She was calling to thank me!  Had she not been fired, she wouldn’t now be in the perfect job where she was thriving and was appreciated.  She hoped I hadn’t destroyed everything because she was quite sure Feng Shui had arranged this synchronistic occurrence. 

So, although it may seem as though their steps are taking them in the opposite direction from where someone wants to go, it may only be a small retreat in order to advance ahead with greater momentum.  Although very difficult to do, someone who has lost their job cannot afford to invest their time or emotions in the negative side, but rather must look forward to the new adventure ahead, confident that on some level Feng Shui is doing its work.