Is Your Office Off? Get On with Feng Shui

Over the years, it’s become clear that I’m here as an ambassador for offices, home-based or outside the home.  The definition of an office is a place where work-related activities occur.  This could be a whole room dedicated to being an office or part of a room, a cubicle or a corner.  For some reason these spaces get over-looked, mistreated, and evidently considered unworthy of Feng Shui considerations.  I don’t need to tell many of you that “over-looked, mistreated and unworthy” is a corresponding reality about how the occupant is experiencing their work life.

It’s easy to let an office get off-track.  You get busy and don’t put things away.  You’re used to feeling as though you’ll never get caught up each time you sit down.  It’s easy to get distracted, move from one fire to the next, and, in the end, nothing much gets accomplished.

Incorporating Feng Shui can change your experience in the space that you call “office.” I’ve found that there are two reasons for office chaos—-no time to put things away is one of them.  We’re busy and it doesn’t seem a good use of time to file, sort or toss when money could be on the line or clients could be needing attention.  It’s possible you may feel that the stuff sitting around in piles isn’t really hurting anything so let’s just leave it for another time.

Another cause of office chaos is inadequate storage in which to put away all those things.  If you started digging into some of the stacks you may realize you need another filing cabinet or another shelf or off-site storage.  That bigger issue doesn’t have to be addressed if the stacks are just left alone.

I have one simple action you can take that will solve both of those problems.  It’s so simple that it will probably take you 1-2 minutes each day but the challenging part will be the daily commitment required.  Each day and every day without fail.  It’ll be easy to forget to do it; initially it won’t seem to make any difference so why bother?  However that stuff didn’t arrive in one day but grew over time—-so will the removal process.  The solution?  Throw out one item each and every day.

One piece of paper, one file, one dried up pen, one little gift-y thing from someone you can’t remember, one stack, one box, etc. etc.  You may say to yourself—-this is too easy and besides it won’t matter.  That day it may not matter, but in a week or a month it will.  You’ll start to see the difference and momentum will build.  You’ll find that eventually you may not need the extra storage because you’ve found a whole extra 2 inches in one of the filing cabinets.

Don’t know where to start?  Start on the top of your desk and keep going from there.  As the office chaos settles down, so will your mind. You’ll be thinking from a place of clarity and big vision. Check out my Clear Your Office, Clear Your Mind program below.  It will help you jump-start so that the office that was once “off” is now helping you be “on!”