Is Your Feng Shui Cooking? Critical Kitchen Considerations

I’ve been corresponding with someone who is looking to purchase a space where the kitchen happens to be in the basement.  Because she had some basic knowledge about Feng Shui, she knew the situation may not be good.  Her question was whether she should move forward with her purchase. In the process, she sent photos and floor plans so I could see how it looked and where it was located in relation to the rest of the space.

The kitchen is the room that most relates to the health of the occupants.  Because it is where food is stored, prepared, and often eaten, it can positively or negatively influence their physical as well as emotional well-being.  Where it’s located, both in terms of the front entry as well as which level, is crucial for optimum health.

  1. A kitchen should be in the back of the house for 2 reasons:  to accommodate the cook and afford privacy to those who eat their meals there; and protection from the activities inherent near the front door and/or the front of the house.
  2. A kitchen should not be located over a bedroom as the person who sleeps in that bedroom regularly may be susceptible to depression.
  3. A kitchen, particularly the stove, should not be located under a bathroom as it increases the probabilities of digestive issues in the family.
  4. The kitchen should not be next to a bathroom and/or bedrooms due to their
    incompatible mix of intentions.

In the end, my client’s photos of her future kitchen cleared up my objections to having it located in the basement.  I was able to determine that it was beautifully laid-out, well-lit, with flow and breath—–not a dark and oppressive space typical of a basement.  Cooking and eating in there will definitely support her good health and well-being.