Home Office Health: Feng Shui at Work

Because more and more people are working out of their homes, creating a home office that is efficient and productive is important. Regardless of whether a client comes to the home or if the business is totally reliant on sales/emails/fax requiring no physical interaction with clients, there are some important Feng Shui considerations to assure success and focus.

The biggest issue with a home office is that it is easy to relax its professional potential. This may be even more so when the office is housed in what used to be a bedroom or if it has to share the space with sporadic guest accommodations. As you can imagine, sleeping and working are exclusive of one another. The office color should be reflective of a business, not a color left-over from when it was a bedroom. You don’t want to look up and remember when your little boy played with his trucks in that room. Those memories, although precious and unforgettable, may not be inspiring to you in terms of creating a business.

Here are 4 additional tips to help you create a Feng Shui office at home. . . .

  1. Use a high-backed chair. Making decisions, calling on clients, paying bills are all activities that can require you to feel like you need all the assistance you can get. A tall chair supports you.
  2. Sit so you can see the entry. In order to feel strong and empowered, sit in the office so that you can easily see anyone coming into the space. If you have your back to the door, you may be caught off-guard or be side-swiped by some unexpected event.
  3. Place the office near the front door. If you have an option, set up the home office so that it is near the front door. This pattern is the least disruptive to your personal life as it isolates the business energy from your family energy.
  4. Keep your work in your office. To set healthy boundaries, don’t make a habit of bringing your work into other parts of the house. Keep the door to your office closed when you’re not working and set business hours. Although you may love what you do, a balanced life is a more wholesome one.

Following these few ideas will help you on your path to owning your own business and can help you succeed doing so. If the office looks and feels professional, prosperous and productive, the business will align with that as well.