Integrative Space

4 Reasons to Hire an Integrative Space Specialist for a Healthcare Project

As an Integrative Space (IS) specialist, let me tell you what I am NOT. I am not an interior designer. I am not an architect. I am not a space planner. I am not a developer. I work WITH the individuals in these respective fields to complement their expertise. Professionals in those disciplines typically do not see me as a threat or as competition and, if they do, quickly realize I am offering something to a project that enhances the direction in which they are steering the project.

An Integrative Space specialist offers a unique perspective on how people perceive a space and how people move through the space. An IS specialist can transform a functional and efficient waiting room, for example, that may also be nice-looking and pleasant, to one that is inspired. This inspiration can come from any number of approaches: artwork, window views, color, furniture arrangement, a sense of safety, sounds, fabric on the chairs, carpet, plants—to name a few.

The decision as to which of these options would be best incorporated in this waiting room would depend the direction of the space, the year the building was built overlaid with aspects from the current year, and the mission statement of the healthcare facility. These diverse considerations are part of the analysis to support all other professionals in creating a space that inspires and heals those who come there.

The fact that we approach a project from an entirely different way of thinking opens up discussions, possibilities and options in the planning stage.

So here are 4 reasons an IS specialist is crucial to a new-build clinic or hospital project or to an upcoming remodel:

  1. We never lose sight of the mission of the organization and find ways to embed that into the construction and décor of the building. We bring their vision to life.
  2. We offer ways to make the space unique and memorable—–usually without the visitor or patient knowing exactly why they appreciate the space; they only know that they feel better just being there.
  3. We can save the facility money because of our suggestions about simplifying and streamlining.
  4. We come from the perspective that human contact is crucial to alleviating stress and ultimate healing. Feeling as though they are personally served can jump-start a patient’s healing process.

From an Integrative Space perspective, a medical facility can be a place where spirit meets life, where heaven meets earth, and where there’s a possibility that healing can happen.