Getting the Most Out of a Feng Shui Appointment

Most of the questions I address during the course of a week come from people wanting to know more about Feng Shui and how to integrate some of its principles into their own specific setting—-aka, free advice.  I don’t mind people asking for advice and am very direct about when someone needs to hire me or another consultant to assess the situation.  This week, however, I had three questions/laments/complaints from students about appointments they were trying to facilitate with frustrating results.

So, I offer the list below to those who are thinking of having a Feng Shui appointment in the near future. I assure you that if your consultant is happy, the appointment will be a great success!

1.  Be home or at your office at the agreed-upon time.  It’s frustrating to drive across town to find that you have forgotten their Feng Shui appointment or you let it be pre-empted by another engagement.  Check your calendar.

2.  Keep distractions and interruptions to a minimum.  I know there are times when a baby-sitter just doesn’t show up, but Plan B should be in place.  It’s also best to let voice mail answer the phone while you’re in the middle of your appointment.

3.  A Feng Shui appointment can be a private and personal experience.  Inviting friends over to watch while your consultant is trying to give you advice may not only be distracting but could prevent you from getting the best appointment you could have.  You may not want to admit or talk about certain issues in front of the whole world, eliminating the chance of getting some good, sound advice.

4.  Find that blueprint—-or make one.  It is very, very difficult for a Feng Shui appointment to have any relevance if you didn’t find a copy of the floor plan or didn’t take the time to make a scaled drawing.  Most consultants won’t even go to the appointment if they haven’t received it prior to the scheduled time, so a lot hinges on that drawing.

5.  Take notes during the appointment.  Unless you’ve pre-arranged with your consultant that he/she will send you a written report after the consultation, be prepared with pen and paper to take notes. 

6.  Try not to cancel at the last minute.  I know the flu hits at the last minute and emergencies do come up, but to cancel the morning of your appointment just because you think your new sofa is going to be delivered or because the stars aren’t quite aligned doesn’t speak highly of your commitment.

Although these items may seem rudimentary and obvious, it is surprising how often one or more are totally ignored. Most everyone who has had a thorough and focused Feng Shui appointment will agree that it can change your life.  I can assure you, you don’t want to miss out on that possibility.