Fueling the Fire: Where’s Your Furnace?

Living here in Minnesota we are very grateful for the person who invented furnaces,  because they are a necessity for about six months of our year.  Although we need and love our furnaces, in Feng Shui we have to be careful where they’re placed in relation to the main floor.  The position of this appliance doesn’t rely on the specific room (like the bedroom or the office) but instead on the area of the bagua under which it lands.

For instance, if your furnace is under the room in the back left corner of your home, then it could be impacting your financial situation—-to be more specific, it could be burning up money.  It doesn’t matter if that room is a bedroom, office, kitchen, or whatever. However, if it’s under the room that is in the back right corner of your home, then it could be adding spark to a personal relationship.  If the furnace is under the middle back of your home, then you’re good here, too—-it could be energizing your reputation, providing opportunities for advancement in your career, and averting any scandal that could come your way.

The absolute worst place for a furnace in under the exact middle of the main floor as this can impact everything in your life—–health, wealth, career, children, etc.  When a furnace (fire) is placed in a challenging spot, water is the best Feng Shui antidote because water keeps fire under control.  Here are some ways to treat a mis-placed furnace:

  • Place a mirror (water element) face-down on top of the furnace;
  • Drape black fabric (water color) around the furnace and/or ductwork;
  • Hang a poster or picture of water near the furnace;
  • Drape fabric that has wave-y water-like shapes (water shape) around the furnace.

You would pick one of these options to correct for too much fire.  Doing more than one does not necessarily mean you are correcting even more—-it could back-fire (pun here).

It’s nice to have a furnace, but you don’t want it burning up aspects of your life. Keeping it managed and controlled can help keep your Feng Shui balanced—-and your house warm.