Fractal Feng Shui

A recent question that has come my way deals with roommates. In this particular case, a woman contacted me who was living with her brother. They shared the common areas of the home (kitchen, living room, etc.) but they each had their own bedroom. Marie Louise’s question was whether she could do Feng Shui in her bedroom only, eliminating the need to include her brother in any Feng Shui adjustments or suggestions she may want to make. She knew he would not be interested nor support any changes she may want to implement in the areas they shared. More importantly her question was, if she instigated some specific Feng Shui changes in just her room, would they work just as well or would they fall short.

In evaluating the various layers of the home (whole house, individual rooms, bed, desk, etc.), I have found that a pattern will usually show up. As an example, if someone is having a problem in Wealth, for instance, I may find a bathroom sink that leaks in the Wealth area of the home. Then I’ll see a broken chair sitting in the Wealth area of their office; a waste basket in the Wealth area of the bedroom; a missing area in the Wealth area of the dining room; a dead plant sitting in the Wealth area of the desk. A repetitive pattern is occurring (in this case a negative pattern) in the same area in an ever-decreasing size—a fractal phenomenon is taking place.

Here are some ways for you to integrate Fractal Feng Shui in your own space. . . .

1. Determine the issue you’re currently dealing with—career, money, health, love, etc. Pick one and WRITE down your intention about that issue.

2. Determine where the corresponding area of your space reflects that issue. Need some help with this? My book “Wind and Water” can help you.

3. Locate the area on the main floor of your home and make an adjustment with your intention in mind—-clean it out, repair something, or place/change something in that area.

4. Locate the same area in your bedroom and make an adjustment with your intention in mind. It doesn’t have to be the same adjustment you made in the main floor but it could be.

5. Locate the same area on your desk and make an adjustment.

6. Locate the same area on a shelf or night-stand and make an adjustment.

By changing even the smallest of these areas, it can influence the whole in a positive way. It’s also important to notice if the issue you’re addressing in each progressively smaller area is challenged in some way. Often the challenges may be similar in nature—-clutter shows up in each of the areas, or each of the areas is blocked in some way. Implementing Feng Shui changes in this layering way can be extremely effective. The closer/smaller these fractals become, the stronger their impact on your issue.