Floored in the Garage

This week we had our garage floor re-coated. It wasn’t as simple as all that since they had to grind down the crumbling cement, and apply several coats of epoxy-like substances.
As with most projects, this started when we were naively sweeping out the garage this spring. We noticed that another winter had affected the floor even more than last year, causing the cement to disintegrate even further. That Monday I was on the phone getting bids to fix the problem. It took only a day to complete, probably due to the expertise, good-humor, and good looks of the two guys working on it.

The obvious Feng Shui slant to this is that our garage is on the left-hand third of our house. Depending on your perspective that could translate as being in the Knowledge, Family and Wealth area or the northeast, east, and southeast areas. Either way, a substantial part of our lives was experiencing foundational breakdown. So, in a word, from a physical standpoint that issue has been addressed.

The other Feng Shui piece to our garage floor has to do with the change in energy. I had no idea the results of this project would be so pervasive. Several times each day I am confronted with the shift—-for obvious starters, every time I go in and out of the garage to get in my car. But also, I realized I am in there at least once if not twice each day with some recycling. We keep the plant food in the garage. Some of our tools are stored in the garage. When I need a box, we collapse them and put them in the garage. The plastic bags for gardening are stored there as well. The bottom line is that I love going in the garage. I can go in there barefoot. I let the cats play in there now—it felt creepy to me before. Sounds are even different inside the garage. When I close my car door, when I open the back door, when I walk around, it just resonates differently—-solidly.

Such a small, seemingly insignificant change—-such a huge change in my daily pattern. It feels like the garage is truly a part of our house now, pointing out that I evidently hadn’t felt that way before. Just when I think I know my house, I have a new experience like this. I guess you could say, yes, I was floored.