Feng Shui-nado: Too much ch’i

I was having a casual conversation with someone I had just met at a social event who, when finding out Feng Shui was my path, began telling me how she and her husband “feng shui’d” their home over the weekend.  They had read a book and went to town, unguided and without a plan.  She was quick to tell me it was a disaster and that, disappointingly, she didn’t feel Feng Shui was all it was cracked up to be.  They were still dealing with their mess.

Anyone who has been in any of my classes or has been a client or has been a student in the certification program knows my whole message is that Feng Shui is a lifestyle.  It’s not done in a day or a weekend, even in a year.  It’s an on-going process.  The element of process enables you to converse with the space, checking to see if things are moving in the right direction.  It’s easier to change course along the way rather than when you’re heading to the finish line.

The issue you may argue is that this takes longer.  Instead of getting one whole area done in a day or two, it may drag on for many days or weeks.  Yes, that’s the point.  It gives you a chance to check the progress before it’s too late.  Besides, some great ideas and inspirational moments happen when a project is wide open for a while.

Here are my tips for avoiding a Feng Shui tornado and instead experiencing a gentle Feng Shui breeze:

1.  Decide on one area in which you want to incorporate Feng Shui, whatever that might mean—-cleaning out, repairing, changing furniture, new rug, etc.
2.  Make a list of the specific changes you want done.
3.  Decide what you want this change to do for you.  In other words, what is your intention?  As an example, you might want to freshen up your bedroom because you’re not sleeping well.  Sleeping well is NOT your intention; it’s an outcome.  Your intention is what comes as a result of sleeping well—-having more energy, or performing better at work, or feeling empowered and in control of your life.
4.  Start with one thing on your checklist.  This isn’t always easy since one decision might depend on other things on your list that you want to change.  Try to narrow down the options so that one change is made.  Believe me, this will inform the rest of the changes.
5.  Keep your intention in mind as these changes happen one at a time.
6.  Have fun with your Feng Shui project.  Watch the changes fall into place with ease and purpose.  You will be reminded of your intention, consciously or unconsciously, each time you’re in that particular space—-whether it’s your garage, your bedroom, or a den.