Feng Shui M.O.V.E.: Manifestation of Vital Energy

One of the main pillars of Feng Shui is the principle that the environment not only takes on the occupants’ energy but the occupants are also influenced by the home’s inherent energy. When I speak of energy, I’m referring to the ebb and flow phenomenon much like water. Just as water doesn’t maintain the exact speed going down the river, Feng Shui energy also adjusts its flow depending on the placement of physical objects in a space. Sometimes we want the flow to be slower and sometimes we want it to be brighter.

When I hear someone talk about being stuck and not being able to move forward in some aspect of their lives, I routinely tell them to move their furniture. It isn’t important if they move their living furniture, bedroom furniture, office arrangement or all of those areas. Just move something.  It gives them a new perspective on life and here’s why. . . .

  1. By re-arranging furniture, you move through your space differently. The brain has to let go of what it’s become used to. It creates new physical brain patterns which lead to new ways of thinking. Problems can get solved and creative ideas can emerge by changing your environment.
  2. You start to see your things differently when they’re in a different context. Some of your things may take on a new and exciting meaning for you and others may become apparently inappropriate. De-cluttering may be relevant.
  3. For an initial period of time, there’s the element of surprise which occurs whenever you see the newly re-arranged space. During the time it takes to become accustomed to the change, you can take advantage of how your ch’i is lifted whenever you see the results of your actions.
  4. Moving things around forces the issue of cleaning and clearing areas that may not have been exposed before. Energy gets stuck in corners and under furniture when physical objects aren’t moved very often. Releasing these dark areas re-establishes the flow of ch’i.  Making a change in your space is a metaphor for making a change in your life. Look around and see what you can change today so you can start the Manifestation Of Vital Energy in all aspects.