Feng Shui Help for a New Job

An email came in from a follower asking for Feng Shui help in finding a new job after she had been laid off.  Her request was on the heels of two dear friends who likewise told me they had been down-sized or out-sourced.  The interesting part to me about this is that all three women intuitively started de-cluttering.  Their motivation for doing so wasn’t Feng Shui-driven but more a way to keep busy and to do something productive.  However, Feng Shui is very explicit that if you want to make a change in your life, then make a change in your space.  De-cluttering is a very effective way to lighten the load and get rid of anything that may be holding you back.  While working full-time, understandably none of them had the time to go through boxes and dresses drawers.  Now they do—and they are.

I applaud their efforts and cheer them on to do more de-cluttering, however just throwing things out or giving them away isn’t enough.  There’s an important step that I call the “thank and throw” process that can make a huge difference in outcome.  At one time all this accumulation was important and valued.  Just because it no longer serves a purpose, that fact should not diminish its original significance.  So, ladies, be grateful for all that you have and all that you’re about to not have.

Although de-cluttering doesn’t have to be site-specific, there is an area that would benefit the most during this job crisis and that is the career section of their home.  In fact, there are two areas that are important at a time like this:  the career area of the home based on the bagua and the career area based on the compass.  More than likely these two areas will not be in the same place.  Due to the fact there are two Feng Shui perspectives, there are moments when someone can take advantage of both.  The career based on the bagua is the front middle section of the home or apartment; the career area based on the compass is in the north section of the space. 

I encourage you, fearless ladies, to take that “thank and throw” energy to both places and micro-manage:  de-clutter, clean, re-arrange, re-paint, improve in some way.  Additionally, hang or place a small round mirror in each of the career sections to ramp up the energy further.  Let it symbolize the reflection of a new job for each of you. 

As a disclaimer, let me say that de-cluttering and putting up mirrors does not replace networking, sending out resumes, and having interviews.  But let me also say, the practical always works better, faster, and easier when Feng Shui is pushing from behind.