Feng Shui for the Animals in Your Life

Feng Shui takes its definition because of the combination of the spatial parameters of the environment and the occupant preferences. If either of those changes, the Feng Shui changes as well. Adding something new to a home (or office) can shift the energy in a dramatic and positive way, as long as the occupants feel this is so. We usually think of Feng Shui adjustments as something stationary—it sits in one place symbolizing a specific intention for those who live or work there. If it moves, it’s because it was an intentional action taken by the people involved. However, using a pet as a Feng Shui adjustment is well within the realm of possibility and can be a very effective reminder of our next step.

Pets can benefit the energy of your space just by their presence. No matter what kind of pet you’re bringing in, it will add movement and action—even a caged pet. There is a higher level of life and consciousness than you find in a bell, fountain or even a plant. Determining what kind of pet you want, how big, how much freedom they will have, where they will sleep and where they’ll eat, all of these factors will impact the Feng Shui of your space.

Here are some considerations about specific kinds of animals and how they might be able to bring about a specific outcome for you. . . .

  1. An aquarium with healthy, vibrant fish swimming around can be a symbolic reminder of money coming into your life. Place an aquarium near the front entry or in the back left corner of your home (Wealth area).
  2. A pair of birds can be your metaphor for drawing in a partner. Make sure they get along well and are in the same cage. Place them in your bedroom (if this is workable) or in the back right corner of your house (Partnership area)
  3. A gerbil that can run on its little track might provide you the impetus to get on your own fast-track career-wise. Place it in your home office.
  4.  A puppy will most definitely get you out of a rut if your life feels bland. Note: all areas of your life will be changed so be prepared!
  5. A cat that seems to sleep all day may help remind you to center yourself and slow down as well.

Having live animals around will always assure some movement in your life in some way. If allergies or a heavy travel schedule makes pets an impossible choice, a photo, drawing or stuffed animal could do the same thing. Make sure the stuffed animals aren’t too child-like but instead represent the intentions you are calling into your life as a well-balanced and purposeful adult.