Does Your Office Reflect Your Vision? Feng Shui-Colored Glasses Can Help

We generally don’t spend time admiring the wall color or gratefully gazing at artwork.  We hardly notice the new carpeting or rug beyond the first few days. After things have been put in place, we hunker down and do our work.  Sometimes, we may find we’ve been staring at a plant as we figure out the next move on a project, but it wasn’t to acknowledge the plant.  The plant may well be dead for that matter, it simply caught our eye and we landed there.

Feng Shui is built on the premise that your space reflects your life.  It doesn’t say anything about whether you actually notice this occurrence or not.

Even though we may not be “seeing” the physical qualities of our office, those features can be keeping us in line with our vision or limiting our sight without us even knowing it.

This unconscious message is being registered somewhere and it is to our benefit to have this message be positive and inspiring.

Here are some safeguards to put in place so that your message is working in your favor whether you know it or not:

  1. Have one item (emphasis on one) that inspires you in a profoundly deep way.  This could be a painting or a sculpture, a piece of pottery or tapestry.  It’s something that feels bigger than you—in other words it opens you up to possibilities, it stirs you in such a way that you know you can do anything.  Don’t confuse this with small token gifts, candles that burn down, flowers that die—you want something permanent, outstanding, thrilling.  Then let it pull you forward into its own realm whether you’re aware of it or not.
  2. Find a way to connect to nature.  Feng Shui principles are based on the flow of nature.  It’s important to find a way to connect to this no-nonsense, magical place.  A window is an obvious way to do this but sometimes the view leaves a lot to be desired.  There may be a window but nothing to really inspire you.  Bring in a photograph or a poster, even a post card that takes you somewhere outside of yourself.  You’ll get there transported whether you actually know it or not.
  3. Use sound to transport yourself.  Whether music or a bell or windchime—-this kind of vibration can be transformative in a whole different way.  It goes without saying that you will want to be transfixed by a specific piece of music or a particular tone or a particular chime.  You may decide to keep the music playing on a non-stop loop or use it on those occasions when you feel you may have lost your vision.

Whether a physical change to your space or a vibrational one using sound, make sure it speaks to you in a visceral way.  That’s when you can let go of it and rest assured that it is only speaking to your ultimate vision using those Feng Shui-tinted glasses.

Most everyone would agree that time spent in their office is taken up with tasks, projects, emails, phone messages, meetings, and meeting deadlines. There’s so much to do and so little time.  I also think most everyone would agree that little time is spent consciously looking around at the specific features of their office.