Feng Shui Away From Home

AirplaneWhether for business or pleasure, leaving home is not without some distress and discomfort.  Over the years, the hassles of tight schedules, missed flights, checking baggage, security requirements and lines of people, traveling isn’t as much fun anymore.  Add to that sleeping in a hotel room in a strange bed and it’s no wonder you are exhausted during your travels.  Feng Shui can help you overcome some of the issues commonly encountered when sleeping in a different space thereby helping you through the other stresses inherent with your travels.

There are some Feng Shui “tools” you can carry with you to help set up an environment where you can feel safe and protected, giving you a higher chance of sleeping well and waking up renewed and ready to go.  I suggest you designate a decorative box or bag that remains in your suitcase so it’s always ready for your next excursion.  How big that container will be depends on what you’re planning to bring, so take a look at some of the suggestions listed here to help you determine the perfect size.

Here is a list of Feng Shui tools to use when traveling. . . . .

  • Votive candle and matches or battery votive candle;
  • Small bell with red ribbon attached;
  • Pictures of loved one(s), pets, or inspirational scene;
  • Favorite stone(s) or crystal(s);
  • Piece of beautiful fabric or scarf.

Lighting a votive candle, especially at the end of a long day of work or travel, will help you slow down the pace and move into a relaxed state before going to bed.  If you’re using real candles with real flames, be mindful of falling asleep while the candle is lit—-the obvious safety is a reason to use the battery operated ones.

The small bell can be used in a couple of ways.  It can be a clearing tool when you first arrive to “clean” the room of predecessor energy.  A brief walk through the hotel room ringing the bell will help to eliminate any negative issues left behind—-open the window a bit, if possible, while doing this. If you’re staying in the room more than one night, you may decide you want to ring the bell each evening before going to bed.  You also can hang the bell on your doorknob if you’re feeling vulnerable or unsafe.  It will act as an alarm and wake you up if there’s any issue of security.

The pictures, stones and scarf enable you to set up a small “heart” center in your room where you can be reminded of the support that is available to you.  They can also be reminders of why you’re on this journey particularly if it’s a work related trip.  In essence, you have brought some of “home” with you.

These are only a few suggestions—you may have additional items you want to include to make your travel more restful and to assure yourself of having happy trails.