Feng Shui and Your Pets

The Feng Shui of your home can help your pets and in return, your pets can help your Feng Shui.  The good Feng Shui you provide your pets will assure them of a safe place to sleep, as well as a clean and quiet spot to eat.  Since pets know how to read energy, you can also provide them a balanced environment by keeping clutter under control.

Likewise, your pets can benefit the Feng Shui of your space by their presence, where they hang out, where you feed them, and where they sleep.  Depending on the kind of pet, they might be able to bring about specific results.

1.  In Feng Shui, the flow of water is synonymous with the flow of money.  Having an aquarium in which the fish maintain a continuous movement can be a symbolic reminder of money coming into your life.

2.  A pair of birds can be your metaphor for drawing in a partner.

3.  A gerbil running on their track may provide you the impetus to get on your own fast-track in your career.

4.  A puppy will definitely get you out of your rut if your life feels bland.

5.  Even a cat that seems to sleep all day can remind you to get centered and slow down.