Feng Shui and Foreclosures: Where They Might Intersect

Word has it from realtors and from some of my clients that buying a foreclosed home is a good deal right now. The prices are low, enabling people to get into a home that they otherwise might not be able to afford. Many investors/developers are buying up these homes, fixing them up and re-selling—-I believe that’s called “flipping a house.”

Anyone who knows Feng Shui also knows that moving into a home where the previous owners had to walk away from the place is not conducive to good fortune in their own lives. The energy from the predecessors leaves an influence behind which, left unnoticed, could adversely affect the new owners.

Yet, understandably, people are buying them. I myself have even approved of a client or two who wanted to by one of these unfortunate homes. However, it wasn’t before they got some specific Feng Shui advice on how to set up their lives in a place where other people took a financial bath. Here are some actions to take before getting the keys to a foreclosed home, no matter how good the deal:

Here are 4 tips on how to transform a foreclosed home into an open one…

  1. Energetically clear out the place before moving in. Walk in a clockwise direction starting at the front door holding a candle, or some incense, or ringing a bell. Open a window or door before doing this so any challenges or negativity can find its way out.
  2. Pay attention to the Wealth area of this space. It has been challenged in a big way and needs some support. Place a plant in this corner that is healthy and vital.
  3. Concentrate on using the front door for the first 9 days. This will draw your attention to what may be malfunctioning—-a doorknob that doesn’t work well, a key that sticks, hinges that squeak, etc. The front door is crucial for healing in a foreclosed home.
  4. Clean or wipe down all surfaces, even if they don’t need it. Make it a symbolic gesture that enables you to claim the space as your own.

Keep in mind the house is in foreclosure not because of anything it did or didn’t do. It was caught in the middle of unfortunate circumstances when all it wanted to do is be a nice place to hold people. One other action to take is to write a letter to this home, acknowledging the difficulties it has been through. Outline some of the projects you may intend to do to improve its appearance or operation, providing your commitment to the space.

By taking on the ownership of a foreclosed space, you have the responsibility and the honor to shift the effects of its tragic past into a hopeful and bright future.