Feng Shui and Felines

I’ve had a theory for several years now—-it has stood the test of time and I think it merits consideration. My theory is that people who are interested in Feng Shui also have cats. I’m not proposing this idea just because I myself have three cats but because the majority of my clients are also owners of felines.

It may be that cats are very attuned to subtle energies and since Feng Shui is all about energy, people may find a connection between the two. Cats like to sleep in warm, cozy corners where there might also be a soft pillow or a fresh pile of laundry, seeking an area where the ch’i flows favorably. By nature cats are nocturnal—ask anyone who owns a cat about those night-time tirades where hanging from curtains or “cat”- apulting over the back of chairs is just normal behavior. Feng Shui also prefers a good balance of yin energy—soft and winding paths, fountains, gentle breezes.

It’s not that dogs aren’t good indicators of energy, but you must admit they lack subtlety. A cat knows how to coerce ch’i to get what they want. They can masterfully stare changes into happening. They will stare at a door so long that suddenly it will open for them. They can stare at their owner from across the room for hours if needed until food appears, or a lap, from which they can choose which one will fulfill their needs at the moment.

A few years back, I kept track of this cat phenomenon. Each and every one of my clients had a cat or two, even three. This lasted unbroken for nearly two years. Back in those days I was doing two to three appointments a week. That’s a lot of homes with a lot of cats.

My question is whether cats actually enhance the Feng Shui of a space or not. Or do they simply manage to get themselves adopted into a home that already has good Feng Shui. Perhaps that will always remain their secret. But, as a cat love, I myself am happy they’re here doing what they do—-which is pretty much nothing.