Feng Shui Altar-ations for a Perfect Fit

When life gets crazy, it generally reflects in the space where you work and live. You need only look around in your physical space to get a quick read on how things are going on other levels—-emotionally, mentally, schedule-wise, energy-wise. In Feng Shui, changing your environment will mirror a change in your inner world. Sometimes that change involves de-cluttering, putting things away, cleaning, getting some kind of order. Often that physical change is the appropriate outer shift to make a corresponding shift inside so that your life begins to settle down. But sometimes it isn’t.

Having recently been in a home where they had a combined family of five children, two dogs and a cat and yet where everything seemed to be in good order, de-cluttering wasn’t necessarily the right action to take. They were overly busy, had hectic schedules, and were in a constant state of mayhem. Somehow they did this without the typical outer chaos. Yet they still wanted help with the inner turmoil that each one was experiencing. I suggested they create a family altar—-a place which would anchor a sense of calm and purpose; a place that was centrally located so everyone would see it every day; a place where every family member had contributed one item; a place that didn’t have to be religious but it had to be sacred.

This altar may be near the front door, in the center of the home, on the fireplace mantel, near a stairway—-the important piece is that everyone would see it regularly and be reminded to breathe, slow down, and bring their focus back to the present moment. Whether you want to put a religious figurine on your altar is your choice. You may have a special rock or crystal that you feel is particularly healing that you’d like to incorporate. Flowers are a good idea as long as you remember to keep them fresh and watered. Above all keep it simple, easy to manage, and enjoyable—–just like you want your life to be