Exercising Your Creativity in Feng Shui Style

Sometimes whether we think we are creative or not, we just need to be. We need to solve something or come up with something that will make whatever we’re doing better. We need to think outside the box. And that takes creativity. For many of us, this is a side of our brain that we haven’t used very often—-probably since we were little.

We came here very creative and open and fearless. We colored with abandon; we loved finger-painting; we pretended we were the hero and dressed accordingly. Somewhere, however, we were made to sit up straight, keep quiet, and color in the lines. Retrieving this hidden or buried creative side isn’t that easy when the muscle hasn’t been exercised for years.

I’ve compiled some ways your house (or office) can help you tap into your creativity using a Feng Shui approach. . . . .

1. Windows represent your vision and therefore can help you create a new way of looking at things. Keep them clean, make sure they open and don’t place tall furniture in front of them to impede the flow of energy they represent.

2. Horizontal surfaces also represent your vision. Keep them clear and orderly. Start with your desk, then your nightstand.

3. Re-arrange your furniture. This can happen anywhere in your home and to any degree you want. Moving (or removing) anything will kick in a different brain activity so you will not only move through your space different, but you will also start to think differently.

4. Remove stuff stored behind your doors. Your doors are crucial to the flow of energy not to mention the physical traffic flow. When they can’t open up fully, you yourself may not be in full swing.

There are some other suggestions that you may already be familiar with: journal the issue out on paper, take up painting, dance, sing, work with affirmations, etc. Any one of these is a valid approach. Team it up with some of the Feng Shui suggestions mentioned and you may well be on your way to being a creative and inspired problem-solver.