Feng Shui Brushstrokes: Collaboration Inside and Out Introduction

I’m still in my “flowers in vase” phase of painting.  If I try to move in a different direction just for the sake of variety, the painting rebels.  So I’m going with it.  This process has taught me to listen and pay attention and not bull-doze my way through to a finish line.  I have found that what emerges is far better than what I would have done on my own.

Here’s what I’ve learned since I’ve picked up the paint brush:

  1. A painting has its own language; I’m merely the interpreter.
  2. A painting will guide me if I remain open and listen.
  3. A painting knows the best way to get to the end.
  4. There’s always something I can learn from each of the paintings I’ve done.

As I initially re-read the above points they were oddly familiar to me.  I’ve heard something similar to this in my life somewhere else.  I like how the painting and I are collaborators—-I am not the painting and the painting is not me, but instead we’re working together.  There are parts of both of us merging to create a final statement.

Flowers and vase #1Knowing that we’re in collaboration creates that “other” aspect which alleviates any performance anxiety on my part.  I actually can let go of a painting that I may want to tweak here and there because the painting has let me know it’s complete.  My tweaking is my own nervousness about being “good enough.”   Yes, this is all too familiar.  I realized where I’ve heard this message before—-it’s core to what I do as a Feng Shui consultant.  Rather than showing up with paints and canvas, I show up with a compass, ruler, and checklists.  And I listen.  Go back and substitute the word “house” or “room” or “office” each time you see the word “painting.”  It’s all the same magical process.

If you want more ways to experience your home as a painting, check out my book “Conversations with Your Home” where you’ll get lots of idea on how to collaborate with your home to create a masterpiece together.