Call from the Wild

One observation I’ve made over the years from working with people who are integrating Feng Shui principles, is that Feng Shui does not support you hiding out any longer.  You are required to face the music when it comes to the patterns of how you live, the ties to your things, and the truth about your own destiny.  It sounds pretty heavy but sometimes Feng Shui is nothing short of a call from the wild.

It’s nearly impossible to honestly consider Feng Shui as a viable way of living if you are not ready to step up to what may be holding you back.  You may change something in your environment, but if you’re not ready to embrace what that shift entails, you will either move your space back to the way it was or try to continue living your life as though nothing has happened.  Either way, you are not stepping out–I’d call this hiding out.

For instance, one of the hardest actions for people to take is to leave an area empty.  Not every corner of a room or every shelf has to be filled with something.  Sometimes a pause (as in music), a quiet break (as in poetry), a clearing (as in the forest) are a relief.  An empty corner is like a breath in the life of your room.  Yet, I find people struggling with having a bit of open space.  They may leave it cleared for a while but the discomfort with their feelings override the experience.  Stuff gets put back.

Feng Shui isn’t just about the physical trappings of your space although that is certainly where it all begins.  It’s also about the inner trappings. So correctly integrated, Feng Shui is about your outer and your inner space.

When a corner is left open, uncluttered, it’s asking you to breathe along with it and to expand.  It’s no longer appropriate to hide out or hide behind, but to let your butterfly wings open wide–to step out in whatever way that may mean.  It may mean taking outward action on behalf of others; it may mean moving forward with your plans; it may mean taking a risk; it may mean flying off with those new wings to great horizons.  Are you up for that