Booked on Feng Shui: Your Books Speak Volumes

Most everyone I know owns books.  Some people have skads of them—-so many, in fact, that they’re stored in boxes in the basement.  There are some people who can’t let go of their college textbooks from 30 to 40 years ago.  Others love their books so much they wouldn’t think of keeping them in boxes—–so they’re stacked in various corners waiting for the right place to call home.

Setting up a library or a library area is always a good plan for someone who owns a lot of books.  The extra bedroom could become a quiet reading spot where shelving would make the books accessible.  An unused formal dining room may convert beautifully to a formal library, complete with floor-to-ceiling shelves and a rolling ladder to access the most remote volume.  Sometimes a purging is required to get the books to fit appropriately into a space.

Because books represent the opinions and stories of others, they do need Feng Shui consideration for proper integration.
Read here for where books are appropriately placed and where to avoid putting them. . . .

1.  Books should be maintained in an upright or horizontal position.  Since books, due to their different size and color, can easily turn into a haphazard assortment, keeping them neatly in place will help.  I’ve taken to storing the books I have in my office according to color—–it works for me!
2.  Never store books in your bedroom.  Books represent the voice/opinion of the author and therefore bring with them a lot of “noise” and vibration.  Other than the book or two you may be reading at night, store the rest of them elsewhere.
3.  Don’t have books higher than your head when you’re working in your office.  They can become overwhelming and make you feel oppressed.  Move them to lower shelves or have shelving with doors you can close to manage their oppressive affects.
4.  Having books near the front door sends a positive message to those who come to visit that you are studious, well-read and intellectual.
5.  Unless you’re setting up a formal library, arrange your bookshelves with an artful eye by adding photos, plants, sculpture.  It will break up the intensity of the books and provide you with some eye candy.

Books are our friends.  Treat them respectfully and with care.  If they’re taped up in boxes in your basement, it may be time to let them out.  Libraries are always looking for used books, so are used book stores.  If it’s no longer being read or appreciated, it is time to turn the page on your books and bring them to a happy ending.