Attic Facts: Feng Shui Overhead

Last week we had a Members-Only call from the Wind & Water Lifestyle Membership Program and a question came up about attics—-specifically the part they played in someone’s life. In Feng Shui, attics represent the future so the question was whether there was something specific to do in the attic about that issue. In many cases, the attic is used for storage which is fine if the storage is kept current and accessible. As with any storage area, boxes should be labeled with items that you want and use.

However, if you think of your attic as a desperate no man’s land, filled with mystery items and frightful possibilities, then you may want to take some action. It’s not a problem if you simply clear it out of everything and store nothing overhead—-especially if it’s difficult to get up there.

Here are some attic considerations. . . . .

1. If your attic is large enough to be a bedroom, it should be the master bedroom. It will remove that room from the main floor activities which are usually more public and frantic. Plus sleeping there puts you closer to heaven—-a strong place in which to dream.

2. If your attic won’t accommodate a bedroom due to ceiling height, turn it into a meditation room. Again, that close proximity to heaven is very appropriate here.

3. A business can be put in an attic but it is best suited for creative endeavors because of the slanted ceilings and the playful nooks created by the unevenness of the space.

4. Making it a reading room or a library is nice because, like the meditation idea, it is conducive for being reflective and going inward.

If you live in a place that doesn’t have an attic, like an apartment or condo, then that doesn’t mean you don’t have a future. It means you simply work with what you have on the other floors. If you don’t own a car, it doesn’t mean you don’t go anywhere—-you just figure out how to get places in other ways. The same goes for no attic—-you keep your main floor in the best condition you can.

One other consideration is the path to the attic. If you have to climb a precarious ladder to get to there, it may not be appropriate to make it into a space you intend to use. If the stairs are steep and narrow with poor lighting, and with very little way to improve the situation, the attic may best be kept free and open simply allowing for future opportunities.