Are You Feelin’ It? Maximizing Your Feng Shui

The question of why Feng Shui sometimes doesn’t work comes up once in a while with my students, clients, friends and strangers who email me.  The story typically goes:

I did ___________________(cleaned out my closet, hung a crystal, painted by front door red, oiled my squeaky front door, used my front door, etc.) for the express purpose of symbolically changing
______________________ (my relationship status, my health, my money situation, my job, my depression, etc.) but it didn’t work.  What am I doing wrong?”

It’s common knowledge that when a Feng Shui adjustment is put in place, it should be for a change that you want to see happen.  But that isn’t enough.  It should be for a change you really want to have take place.  But that isn’t enough.  It should be for a change that you want with all your heart.  But that isn’t even enough.  You should feel that change from head to toe.  Your feelings and emotions should grasp that change, even if just for a few minutes, as though it has already happened.  Every cell in your body should resonate to this change.

Of course you could argue that pretending your intentions are realized when they aren’t only succeeds in emphasizing what you don’t have and stresses the absence of what you want, making you feel even worse about your situation.  However, I’m saying you want to play out the change as though it has actually taken place because:

1.  You’ll be able to recognize the feeling in your body when the change you want actually takes place.
2.  You’re setting up some new neural pathways in your brain which causes you to think differently, which in turn causes you to act differently, which in turn paves the way for the desired change to occur.
3.  “Practicing” your change on an emotional level enables you to see/feel if it’s really what you want and not just what you think you want.  You can then revise and adjust what you’re looking to change.
4.  Your emotions trump your mind; in other words, feelings override logic.  If, deep in your brain, there’s a voice saying “This will never happen,” your feelings can overcome the logical doubt.  This happens everyday—-people live who should have died, people run that were told they would never walk; people get dream jobs, dream relationships, an inflow of abundance.  The reason is because they all believed with their hearts.

Feng Shui enables you to use your space to make the changes you want in your life.  That doesn’t excuse you from doing your part as well.  Hang a crystal, and then FEEL what it’s like to have that issue resolved.  Use your front door but also FEEL in your body the fulfillment of your issue as a result of this action.  Otherwise, these are empty actions that will probably not work.  Believe in the power of Feng Shui together with your own power to create the life you want.