Are Porches In or Out? Screening a Feng Shui Question

Someone sent me a question about their screened porch, specifically asking whether they could use it as storage when the weather was cold. Could they simply convert that area into convenient storage? Although a practical idea, the answer is “no.”

The screened porch is a viable part of anyone’s home. It may even by a crucial part depending on the issue. For instance, if the screened porch is in the Wealth area (back left corner), letting it go “dormant” during the winter could reflect a corresponding stagnation in their financial flow. Although the space is defined by what seem to be flimsy walls, it is still considered enclosed space and it counts as much as if the walls were made of sheetrock or plaster.

It’s also possible that most times someone would walk through the porch to get to the main structure. Walking through boxes and items reminiscent of another time of year is not congruent with being in the present. This situation also does not make a good first impression to anyone coming to visit no matter how beautiful and orderly the inside may be. So ignoring that screened area could impact the occupants in a negative way as well as visitors.

Here are 3 tips for dealing with your screened porch:

1. Keep your screened porch in order throughout the winter months. Don’t let junk pile up. It’s not an alternative storage for summer stuff—like lawn chairs, the grill, bikes, and the kiddy pool. Most porch furniture can withstand cold weather, so let the space hold its original intention by looking inviting no matter what the temperature.

2. Place a windchime on the porch to symbolically keep the ch’i moving. It’s not so important that the chime actually ring; it’s the intention behind it. They will change the energy of a space whether they’re moving or producing sound. More importantly, chimes will keep your screen porch from feeling stagnant.

3. Although live plants should obviously be removed during the cold weather, replace them with nice-looking silk plants during the winter. You do not want the space to have an abandoned look.

By maintaining a vital and attractive porch, you hold a steady message about keeping your space/life in a consistent, attractive pattern even though outside circumstances are changing.