A Feng Shui Bench-Mark: A Vision for the Future—and the Front

This all started because our neighbors sit out on their front patio and have coffee on weekend mornings and sometimes wine in the evenings. Their dog would wander around their front yard. I would watch them and think how sweet—–they would wave and talk to people walking by. Over the top of their newspaper, they’d acknowledge someone with a smile. I suddenly realized that I wanted a place to sit in front of our house.

One of our cats spends a lot of time in our front yard. Some of the most precious moments Angelique and I have is when I go out in front with her. Oh wait—-I have no place to sit. I’ll just make myself comfortable on this little sidewalk step. Meanwhile, our neighbors are smiling at us while they sit comfortably in their patio chairs—-I’m imagining that they’re feeling badly that I’m having to sit on the sidewalk while they’re enjoying respectful chairs.

“I want a bench in front” became a mantra for the last couple of years. Yes, I know we have a gorgeous backyard where there are plenty of places to sit. Yes, I know I probably won’t use it every single day of the year. Yes, I know benches can be clunky and boring. I still wanted one. So I held to my vision, reminding my master gardener husband from time to time of my dream to sit out in the front of our house with my cat.

The big Feng Shui guns came out when I said something to the effect that not only would I be able to enjoy our cat but “it’s good Feng Shui!” It’s nearly impossible to argue with that point. I saw his resolve weaken at those four words, he warmed up to the idea, and soon enough we were looking at benches. Unfortunately, he was right—-benches are by and large boring and predictable. However, about mid-summer, the right one showed up unexpectedly that we both loved for many reasons.

The bench is now in place and my cat and I are truly enjoying its splendor.  And, it is good Feng Shui—-I wasn’t just saying that. Sitting there I can welcome in opportunities, invite them in if they seemed to be passing us by. I can enjoy our front yard as much as the back thereby bringing balance to my husband’s gardening efforts. It is very good Feng Shui because now I can wave at my neighbors from my own front-of-house perch—-which makes me feel very good, which is what Feng Shui is all about.