A Diet Plan for Your House: Feng Shui for Weight Management

If a space can facilitate change in a person’s life, then it would certainly be possible to use your home to help in shedding some pounds.  Understanding where the “extra baggage” is located in your home, learning to read the messages about improper eating, and discovering some ways to address eating triggers may be the needed incentive to help you lose the extra pounds on your body.

Here are 5 ways your home can help you lose weight. . . .



1.  Have a full-length mirror to get an accurate reflection of who you truly are.




2.  Place a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter to represent health and vitality.  A picture of fruit will also work.

3.  If the first room you see when you enter your home is the kitchen, come in another way if possible.



4.  Never eat unless you’re seated at the dining room table so that you respect and honor the process of eating.  This means no television.

5.  Diminish the “weight” of your home by getting rid of those things that you no longer need or want.  As your home loses weight, you will find your own pounds dropping as well.