3 Important Feng Shui Considerations for Employees

Creating a business, both big and small, requires specific steps in order to work toward achieving their goals. The dream needs to be outlined (what are we doing) and a plan generated for making it happen (how are we doing it). However, once a vision has been set and a structure is in place, it’s the employees who “git ‘er done.”They are the ones who take someone’s dream and someone’s plan and put it into action. They may be responsible for just one step of the plan or for the whole thing. Either way, without them, the business wouldn’t be happening.

Because of their importance in the success of a business, there are some Feng Shui steps that need to be considered for these people—to assure them of their importance and to provide them the respect they deserve.


coat rackIt seems like a simple request, but I see employees in major corporations, in clinics, as well as small businesses who have nowhere to put their coat when they come to work.  It’s hanging on the back of their chair.  It’s draped over an extra office chair. It’s even stuffed into a drawer. There’s no central place to hang outerwear so they bring it to their office/cubicle and toss it around.  They need the consideration of a safe place for the coat, umbrella, boots, etc.  Providing a hook on the back of the door is one meager option.  A hall-tree close by their office is another. A secure employee area to store these items is another. It’s a simple touch, but an effective one and shows that someone cares about them.


Creating a small lunch room or break room is a big gesture toward making employees feel appreciated.  They should never be eating at their desk—-it doesn’t support good digestion and the work that may be getting done (or not done) will probably not be high quality when competing with an egg salad sandwich and chips.  Enabling employees to take a break somewhere else besides at their desk goes a long way toward making them feel special.

This doesn’t have to be a fancy café-style place.  A small corner with a table and chairs might be all you can afford, money-wise and space-wise.  It’s better than no options at all.


In many companies, the employees have their own entrance.  This can be a good thing, offering privacy and close proximity to their parking area.  However, sadly, it’s often a space where boxes and storage are found and design considerations are not.  This should not be the catch-all for stuff that can’t find a place anywhere else.  The employee entry must be as enticing as the front door—-nice color, artwork, a place to sit down if needed, beautiful rug, clean and welcoming.

Taking care of those who work in the business, incorporating these Feng Shui suggestions, translates into happier employees which translates into more satisfied customers, which translates into returning customers, which definitely affects the bottom line.