About This Project

Carole was contracted to be on the design team for Hudson Hospital, Hudson, WI in 2003 during the initial construction of their new building and in 2012 during an expansion project.

Specific Feng Shui considerations that Carole used during the course of both projects:

  • Shape of building
  • Year’s influence on construction (Flying Star)
  • Determining the “heart” of each building
  • General flow through hallways and position of doors
  • Factors in in-patient rooms
  • Use of 5 Elements in key areas
  • Ideal place for meditation/prayer room
  • Placement of artwork
  • Relationship between existing hospital and addition of medical office building
  • CEO’s office layout
  • Ceremony to close out old hospital and initiate new one
  • Landscape considerations near front entry to hospital

Carole and designer Anne Smith wrote an article that was published in Contract Magazine in 2013. Read “Designing for Health” here.