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feng shui in the office

Feng Shui in the Office Podcast

This 20-minute podcast “Feng Shui in the Office” – includes information on the impact of clutter, your desk and your office chair. Plus you will get 6 additional tips for implementing Feng Shui into your office, including 3 ways to deal with clutter.

Listen to Your Language Video

In this 45-minute video download Carole outlines how your language may be giving you clues as to where in your home and what in your life is in need of change—and how to address these issues using Feng Shui.

Bridge Home Download

The Bridge Home Download

A collaborative project with Grammy winning producer/musician Jeff Bova and Feng Shui expert Carole J. Hyder

Using the 5 Chinese Elements, specific key progression based on Feng Shui, the Golden Mean Ratio, and the concept of cymatics, The Bridge Home is an energetic sound treatment for a space which will assist and facilitate transitions. When the transition is specific to a life-changing event or to the ultimate transition into the next journey of life, this CD will align a space and create the perfect environment for whatever the transition may be.