Carole J. Hyder is an accomplished Feng Shui consultant, speaker, teacher, author, and trainer.

How Carole can help you

  • You need help controlling the chaos in your office
  • Would like to be more productive at work
  • Need clarity on taking the next step
  • Have a desire for more harmony in your office
  • Want to find a way to love the space where you work

Other interesting facts about Carole

  • Carole has been a Feng Shui consultant since 1992,
  • She studied with His Holiness Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun, Her Holiness Crystal Chu Rinpoche, and Roger Green, all master teachers in their respective philosophies of Feng Shui.
  • In 1998, she founded The Wind and Water Center for those interested in studying Feng Shui in greater depth, which has graduated over 400 students, each one of them incorporating Feng Shui in unique and varied ways.
  • Carole has authored three Feng Shui books and 2 DVDs. See products.
  • She produced two CDs with Grammy-winning producer-musician Jeff Bova.

Carole has facilitated hundreds of residential and commercial consultations. She is an international speaker on various Feng Shui topics and has appeared regularly on TV programs in the Twin Cities area.

Carole’s 30-minute calls are conducted via Skype at the cost of $50.